Monday, July 23

July 2012


Is what I am. No entry since October 2009. Well, now that it is almost August 2012 guess I should update. The past few years have been pretty crazy and flown by.

Almost 4. Amazing how fast time has gone by. She is very smart and excels at school. She is a social butterfly... almost to a fault. She will talk to anyone at anytime which makes ME uneasy. I probably have an unhealthy fear of someone snatching her... because she is just so darn cute too. Top pic is her and daddy playing corn hole at a festival. Then a pic from July 4th weekend at our country club.

Is going great. No real changes....... well, I hired (In May 2010) a Finance Manager full time and I work Tues-Thurs. I get to stay home on Mondays and Fridays! I love the new addition to the S&W family and my schedule.

SPEAKING OF WORK, Clint & I have decided after much thought and consideration for what is best for our family that we are moving to MONROE! I know where is that? About 30 minutes south of Athens. :) It is next to Loganville where most of my family lives. Seems we are in Loganville EVERY weekend and it will get me so much closer to work. I have been commuting 40+ miles one way through downtown for 8+ years! I am tired of it. Clint is still in the mortgage industry and can work from home so we're looking at houses in Providence Club so we can live on the golf course and I will be about 35 minutes on back roads from the office! AMAZING! Our house is going on the market in about a week. I am a good combo of nervous and excited. If it sells quickly we could be homeless.... and possible living in an apartment. If it does not sell quickly then we are like the rest of America at the hands of this wonderful housing market. Prayers please to get this baby sold!

Clint and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on May 28, 2012. We spent 5 days in the Dominican Republic at the Hard Rock. We had an amazing trip. We needed the trip...... most of you do not know that we decided to begin the process of "trying" for another baby. We decided we'd try for 1 year. Callie was almost 3 and Clint was 41 so a year was about all the time we wanted to spend on this adventure! Our timeline was May 28 2011 through May 28 2012. I never in a million years thought I would not have gotten pregnant in a years time. I was entering my 13th cycle. Leaving for our trip on May 24 2012 I was still not pregnant. So, this trip was good for my soul to let it all go. Clint and I both had been through the "slew" of fertility tests and I was diagnosed with very mild PCOS. I began medicine at 500-1000 mg of Metformin per day. Dr. Anderson was not convinced that I truly had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - meaning my body did not process insulin correctly and that made my uterus hostile! hee hee) Clint was perfect. (Insert eye roll and gag noise from me and chest pounding from him). I scheduled an appointment on June 4th after a month on the meds to have blood drawn and talk to my dr about the side effects. This medicine can be very rough on your stomach and have a lot of side effects. Besides the rough stomach, loss of appetite and the fact that you cannot drink on this medicine - made me so sick, I had lost 10 lbs in 4 weeks. :) Happy Dance.

I arrive on June 4th for my appt. My Dr. came in and we started chatting. She asked me if I thought I could be pregnant. I said, no, I do not think so. I took the month off from OPK's, fertility monitors and tracking my temp. So I highly doubt it! She said I will give you pregnancy test just in case. The assistant brought it in and set it on the counter behind the Dr. We kept talking etc. After about 5 minutes she rolled over and I could see the test. I said "Not positive, what is new in my world" She looked herself and turned to me and said "Are you not seeing that??" YOU ARE PREGNANT! I snatched the test from her and said "you swapped the urine, there is NO WAY I AM PREGNANT!" Well, it was accurate. I took the test with me in a urine sample jar to Clint's office. We were going to go to lunch anyway so I walked in and shut his office door. The the following conversation took place:

C: How was the dr
A: good
C: everything ok?
A: yes. She told me something interesting today.
C: What’s that?
C: What's that?
A: look closely.
C: Is that a pee stick?
A: yup..... And it’s positive. I am pregnant.
C: holy shit. You’re pregnant?
A: sure am! Congrats Daddy.
C: Wow, guess we're doing this again.

I went to the Dr on June 25th and we got to see the little peanut.
Guess what the conception date was??? MAY 27, 2012. We're procrastinators.

Here is the little peanut at 10 weeks.
This one made the tech chuckle - she said "it's" made a little indention and has "it's" feet propped up like "it's" sitting in a lazy boy. hahahaha. Ironically, Callie's nursery chair was an overstuffed Lazy Boy and once she moved to a big bed we moved it to the den and now Clint is always in the chair... feet propped up.

Like father like ????.

I go back to the dr August 6th for my 12 week apt. They can make a "guess" and then over Labor Day we can go to one of the 3D/4D places and find out for sure! Then about 20 weeks my Dr will confirm. Can't wait.

In a nutshell, we're listing our house, moving to Monroe and having another baby! Never a dull moment in the Carper house!

Looks like we're going to need a "table for four" beginning February 2013 and we could not be happier!

Friday, October 23

O-C-T-O-B-E-R whats that spell...October!

Hello October 2009... you have been exciting. Work has been nuts..... in this economy when most are struggling S & W is doing good. Not great like summer of 2008 but not too shabby either. Thankfully, we have a master mind at the helm and he will steer this "ship" to better seas..... if you get my drift. I am so happy and proud to call my father my DADDY. Saying that brings me back to the day we found out Callie was a girl. We were so suprised because I would have "bet the house" she was a HE. But, God blessed us with a daughter and I get to watch my sweet and wonderful husband be our little girl's daddy. I am tear filled these days..... being a mommy sure makes you think about things differently and makes you a softy. So, work rocks. I have the perfect job and boss. :) Mon-Wed I work and Jeanne works Thurs and Friday. this schedule leaves me with the perfect amount of time to catch these moments on video......
Yup, 13 months and climbing couches. We call her Princess Destruct-O!!! Here'a another..... She loves the refrigerator. Future Chef?!?!?!?

I think that is it for now...... The Carper's have their hands full with the "cutest red head around." Check back in November for another update. I do hope to do this more often..... Love to all.

July-September. Holy Moly..... How I have missed you Blog.

Wow. Its October. I have not written since July. I have to catch you up on a few things...... For starters, Callie is 1. Geez, where did the most wonderful and amazing year of my life go? Lets take it back to July..... We had Aquapalooza on Lake Lanier. Grammy so graciously took monkey for the night and we got to "Party" like before Callie was here!!! It was a blast - we had too much fun at Lake Lanier Islands. The following weekend we headed south for a long weekend in Tybee. We spend 5 days there with the ENTIRE family plus some! There were lots of people and it was LOTS OF FUN. We celebrated Rusty's 50th birthday. Hilton joined us as well as Marsha. Its been YEARS since I have seen Marsha. She was exactly the same. Funny how some things never change. We spent time with the Parr's - and got to meet Tebow. The only Tebow the Carpers can ever love. HAHAHA.

The following weekend was Miss Maddy's 1st Birthday. That was a scorcher of a weekend. We had a fantastic time celebrating our little Maddy's 1st birthday. I apologize that I am picture less on these events as we have gotten a new computer and the photos are not on here. Bummer.

Here we are SEPTEMBER - Clint and I traveled to Oklahoma for the home opener. Even though it was a LOSS the trip was so much fun. We arrived in OKC to Darren (He was our co-worker at AFMI years ago) picking us up and we head over to his brother's new office. We left Callie at home with Nana and a fever. I called Carla to check in and poor thing is 102. She has never had such a high fever and I am freaking in Oklahoma. So, Carla ends up at the dr sat morning and my monkey has an ear infection. No Biggie... so I thought. We go to the game, sadly bow our heads and leave. The people in OK are amazing. They thanked us for showing up. I mean in Athens that would NEVER, EVER happen. Oklahoma is amazing..... we spent time with President Adams and his wife, Kevin Butler and Thurman Thomas. Pretty cool weekend.... AND we took a private limo to and from the game (Popping collar here) THATS'S HOW WE ROLL...(Thank you Billy!!!!!!)

So, Carla took Callie to the Dr, 10/5. About 3 days later Callie had a rash..... so the morning of 10/12 we're back with a "non-allergic allergic reaction" to amoxicilian. Its common and does not mean she is allergic to Amoxicilian. Just the first time her body had ever had antibiotics.

Flash forward to Callie's First Birthday Party. The guest list was 130. We had a turn out of about 60. It was so magical...... even though there was a flood happening, lake lanier was almost back to full pool and it was outside. Even though it was raining it was perfect. I will find some birthday pics and get them up. She was adorable and it ws wonderful.... big tear...... my baby is a toddler.

Soon after was Clint's 20th Highschool reunion. Here are a few photos to highlight that...... I will not go any further. :) Awesome time though.

Thursday, July 9

Ok, Sorry that it has been SO LONG. The Carpers have been busy little bees. Here's a run down of what's been going on. Sara had baby Levi on May 1st. He is adorable and they are doing fantastic! Bob and Brigit had their precious Evan on May 13th. He is perfect and they are adjusting beautifully!! Clint and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary. We went on a cruise! It was so much fun. Originally we were supposed to go to Key West and Cosmel. Due to H1N1 Mexio closed their borders so we ended up back in the Bahamas then on to Key West. We met some AWESOME people on the cruise and of course have no contact information for them. Typical for the Carpers! Here are a few pics from the Callie-less Vacation! BTW - we MISSED that monkey SO much.

Our precious "God Daughter" Madison Nicole Sieg was Baptised out at Dad's house. The ceremny was beautiful thanks to Jeanne's aunt Anne. Look at our sweet little family..... Look at these two - playing with each other. They are the same size..... well Callie is a tad bigger! On June 11th we took the little Monkey to her first Braves Game! She was the center of attention. We sat in the 755 Club area and Callie was perfect. She just sat and played then napped..... On June 20th Dad and Pam came out to the boat to spend the day with Clint, Callie and I. We celebrated Fathers Day a day early. I love my daddy so much..... He means the world to me and I am so thankul for him. Even at 29 he still spoils me.... :) Here a shot of him and his little monkey..... the only nap she took all day on Grand Pa's lap. Pretty sure he's ganna spoil her more than me!! We celebrated July 4th on the lake with bunches of friends. Callie and Carter (her future husband) had a good time hanging out and watching fireworks. It was a great 4th. We spent the day out at Cocktail Cove then moved over to Lake Lanier Islands for the fire works. As usual The Jann's had a boat full (newbies). We tied up and Marc came over with a few friends. Marc is Clint's co-worker. We've adopted him and love to have him around.

Oh yeah - there is this one other thing - CALLIE IS A WALKER!!!! 9 months old and walking!!! Check her out......

Monday, May 11

Callster on the Move!!!!!!

Lookie here!!! Me blogging twice in one week!!! I deserve an award! On Sat we went to eat an outdoor lunch at Deisel's. Its in Roswell and delicious! Then Mothers Day was Sunday and it was AMAZING. I first had breakfast (pancakes with sugar on them - My Papa taught me that!) then we went to Capital City Grill for Lunch. Mom & Rusty met us and we enjoyed a wonderfully delicious lunch! I got a massage at Spa Sydell. Clint must have told Callie what mommy wanted because she nailed it! On Sunday morning our little monkey was pulling up and trying to walk. It has to be the funniest thing Clint & I have ever seen!!! Here's a video from her that morning.....

Our monkey is SO funny!!!! She just plopped over then kept on going! Callie is learning new things every day and she is the love of our lives. In her we see each other and we are so thankful that God gave us this little miracle. We gave her a bath on Monday night and snapped a few cuties.... ENJOY!!! AND.... I forgot this little piece..... we had to move Callie's crib down..... She is growing up so fast. Each and every day right before our eyes! Here she is laying with Cooter - I know, I know - but Cooter was Clint's as a baby and he has been passed down. Cooter is a cute little rat that was given to Clint when he was about Callie's age. Clint has kept Cooter and waited for the day he could pass him along to Callie..... It made him so happy to see her snuggled up with Cooter....

Sunday, May 3

April 2009

Its been over a month since I have had a post! Sorry that it has been so long. We've had a pretty great month!

Lets see..... First was my birthday. On April 3rd we went to dinner at my favorite sushi place. Just me, Clint & Callie. It rocked. I love my little family. Clint got me some HUGE balloons and the little bit LOVED them. Here's a picture of us after that dinner.

Then on Saturday we had lunch at Fado and my family and friends joined us! We had the top out door portion The service was fantastic and so was the food. We will definitely return! We had a wonderful lunch. I am now 29.... wow. I can't complain a bit though. Life is GREAT!

NEXT..... Easter weekend was a ton of fun. We packed up the car on Friday morning and hit the road at 8:30. We arrived in St. Mary's around 2:30 and put our little bunny on her Nana's door step. She was THRILLED to see her little monkey! We enjoyed the weekend with Glenn, Andrea, Momma Lou, Maaren and Kellie. We had biscuts n gravy, BLT's, a wonderful steak dinner and a night out in the BIG city of St. Mary's courtsey of Uncle Glenn. The weather was georgous!!! We hung out on the dock on Satutday and enjoyed the warm weather. Packed up Sunday morning and headed back to Atlanta..... we had to watche the Master's!

We went over to our friends house - The Fantucci's. Anna Grace and Avery were SO excited to meet Callie. They drew us a picture on the walk way wecoming us to their house. They are very sweet girls and they WORE Callie out.

On April 23 we went to meet Grammy for lunch to celebrate her birthday!! Angela, Clint, Mom, Callie & I all went out to eat mexican. Yummy!!!!
LASTLY, We took Callie to the boat for her first over night trip. We were a tad nervous but not too much. She had a great nap on the boat and then slept like a champ!! 8 pm to 8:30 am!!! Yeah Callie! Then on Sunday she enjoyed crawling around and licking everything on the boat. We have a feeling she will be a water baby!!!

I think that is it for the Carper's in April. I am going to visit Sara and meet Levi tomorrow. I will try to get the pictues up as soon as possible! Love to All!!!!

Thursday, March 26


This morning I put Callie on the floor and went to take a shower. I spread her toys out -as usual and then she began "moving" - sorta crawling and sorta rolling - but still MOVING for her toys. So I put them farther and farther away and she would comando crawl to her toys. After showering and an excited call to daddy I took a video! It is adorable and I am so proud of my little monkey! Another milestone for my wonderful, beautiful, perfect daughter Callie Maxine!

Enjoying her ExerSaucer - 4 and a half months